Julia's website is www.juliapatton.co.uk

Agent: The Bright Agency

Twitter: @julia_patton

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Julia Patton

Quick fire questions

When is your most productive time to work? 

11am-11pm most days. I'm a workaholic.
Drawing item you can’t live without? 

6H pencil and my blue Prismacolur pencil.
What music puts you in your groove? 

Anything by Ludovico Einaudi or Yo Yo Ma.
Age of child you most love to draw?   4/5 age is captivating.
If you were an animal, what would you be? 

A long-necked-quack.
Favourite, yes only one, children’s book of all time? 

Richard Scarry ABC word book.
Illustrator, author from any time you most admire? 



Sleepy Not Me

Drat That Fat Cat



Drat That Fat Cat characters

Oojamaflip 1

Drat That Fat Cat 1
Drat That Fat Cat 1

Drat That Fat Cat 1

Unstoppable Max 2

Drat That Fat Cat 2

Oojamaflip 2

Oojamaflip 3

Charlie & Pip


Unstoppable Max 1