Featured Illustrator:

Amanda Hall



Quick fire questions

What  fuels your day? One GIANT LATTE and Radios 4 & 4 EXTRA Favorite colour?   I don’t think of colours in the singular, it’s amazing colour combinations that do it for me and the possibilities are endless. Inspiration or muse?   Images that echo in my dreams
How old is your inner child? 6
Tell us one thing you love about your workspace. It is near to, but separate from my house – perfect!
Favourite subject to draw? Probably characterful, older faces
Favourite book?   In particular BB's Fairy Book: Meeting Hill, because of the wonderful illustrations by DJ Watkins Pitchford


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The Barefoot Book of Animal Tales

How the Camel got his Hump (Pavilion)

The Stolen Sun (Frances Lincoln)

Why the Beetle has a Gold Coat (dk)

Prince of the Birds (Frances Lincoln)

Lions Precious Gift (Little Tiger)

The Greedy Frog (Barefoot)

The Lion and the Mouse (Lion Hudson)

Prince of the Birds (Frances Lincoln)

The Fox and the Crow (Lion Hudson)

Henri in his Studio (Eerdmans)

The Great Grey Wolf (speculative)

Henri in the Park (Eerdmans)

The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau cover (Eerdmans)

Pelican Chorus (Ladybug)

Cricket magazine cover

The Barefoot Book of Jewish Tales (Barefoot)

Jewish Tales title page (Barefoot)

Hanuman the Greatest (Templar)

The Stolen Sun (Frances Lincoln)