Featured Illustrator:

Lorna Murphy

Quick fire questions

When is your most productive time to work? 

Late morning.
Drawing item you can’t live without?  Daler-Rowney Sanguine Smooth sketching pencil.
What music puts you in your groove? 

Something mellow like Ella Fitzgerald.
Age of child you most love to draw?  Four.
If you were an animal, what would you be?  Cat: cuddles and dreaming all day.
Favourite, yes only one, children’s book of all time? 

His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman(if 3 don’t count then ‘The Amber Spyglass’ (book 2)!
Illustrator, author from any time you most admire? 

Shaun TanShaun Tan / Philippa Pearce.

Ralph Sneaks Out - client project

Plane gift - client project

Sultan - client project

Running Cats - client project

Red Riding Hood - from competition prompt

Pogo Clown - client project

Pierre - self-initiated

Monkey - client project

Jack and Big G - from competition prompt

Goofy Demon - client project

Family walk - client project

Eddie airlift - self-initiated

Dog Post - self-initiated

Doctors - client project

Dancing Tigers - self-initiated

Crying Girl - client project

Circus people - client project

Bored Cat 2 - self-initiated

Bored Cat 1 - self-initiated

Baking Day - client project