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Nicola L. Robinson


Quick fire questions

What  fuels your day?  Coffee, peppermint tea and music. 

Favorite colour?  Black and also green, always the first colours/crayons/paint to run out on me since I was a small child.

Inspiration or muse?  I find my inspirations come from a range of places including cities I've visited, the natural world, history, mythology and things I find funny.

How old is your inner child?  7, although probably not a typical 7 year old...

Tell us one thing you love about your workspace.   It's convenient access to kitchen, garden and bookcases.

Favourite subject to draw?   I love drawing things that are a little bit sinister and archaic, particularly architecture. I also love drawing animals and monsters, things with teeth and claws! 

Favourite book?  As a 7 year old, The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkein and a little later Watership Down by Richard Adams. Now there are so many, but I really enjoyed David Attenborough's autobiography - Life on Air. A fascinating read.

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