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Featured Illustrator:

Shana Nieberg Suschitzky


Quick fire questions

What fuels your day? That moment of golden silence after the hustle and bustle of the school run, coupled with the first cup of tea

Favourite colour? It's a tie between Liquitex Quinacridone Red and Teal

Inspiration or muse? Family Life, both the chaos and the humour, as well as constantly observing and recording life around me.

How old is your inner child? I have two, one is a fun loving 5yr old and the other is a dark, brooding 15yr old.

Tell us one thing you love about your workspace. My most favourite element of my workspace is my door: It shuts out the world whilst taking me into my own, personal universe.

Favourite subject to draw? I love painting dramatic skies and at present, I am loving creating animals, mainly penguins and raccoons.

Favourite book? Growing up I loved Beverly Nichols, the Woodland fantasy trilogy, which included my absolute favourite book, The Stream that Stood Still. It had it's last print run in the 80s, but I recently managed to find all three books for my 10yr old daughter last christmas, and she just adored them.

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