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Rikin Parekh

Quick fire questions

When is your most productive time to work? 

In the morning after a good strong chai!.
Drawing item you can’t live without?  My trusty dip pen. It’ s been with me since 2001.
What music puts you in your groove? 

Jimi Hendrix puts me in the groove, man!
Age of child you most love to draw?  Five.
If you were an animal, what would you be?  A German shepherd or a Golden Retriever.
Favourite, yes only one, children’s book of all time? 

The Tiger Who Came to Tea
Illustrator, author from any time you most admire? 

Sir Quentin Blake because of the simplicity and ease of his line work / Dr. Seuss for his ability to create such fun with words.

A is for Alligators

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M is for Monster

Nemo the cat

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Tick sheet

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