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Featured Illustrator:

Mike Brownlow


Quick fire questions

What  fuels your day?  If I’m illustrating, coffee, tea and an unhealthy relationship with Radios 4 and 4 Extra. If I’m writing, coffee, tea and Spotify.

Favorite colour?  Mizzle 266/ Farrow and Ball

Inspiration or muse?  I do believe in the muse reaching down and tapping you on the shoulder. It’s happened to me on several occasions. Unfortunately I can’t make it happen when I want it to. More usually I keep a notebook and hammer out any promising ideas in the old, boring way, discarding what doesn’t work and building on what does.

How old is your inner child?  About 13. He’s a shy little chap.

Tell us one thing you love about your workspace.   It looks out over our garden to a beautiful 14th Century Somerset Church. I’ve just checked. It’s still there.

Favourite subject to draw?  Robots. Faces. Robots’ faces. Pirates. Parrots. Owls. Ogres. Cavemen. Cave women. Anything really. But not horses.

Favourite book?  I’m not good with favourite lists, because my favourites change all the time. I currently love ‘I Want My Hat Back’ by Jon Klassen, ‘It’s a Book’ by Lane Smith, and ‘The Pirates! In an Adventure with the Romantics’ by Gideon DeFoe.

Portfolio site:

Mike's Agent is Caroline Walsh

Cover for ‘Way Out West’, published by Ragged Bears. Crayon on Canson paper.

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Illustration for a story called ‘Snip’, published by Highlights High Five Magazine. Digital.

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Cover for ‘Dinosaurs of Doom’, published by MacMillan Children’s Books. Digital.

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Cover for Highlights High Five Magazine. Easter edition. Digital.

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Calvin, Norse God of Underwear. Dip pen and digital colour.

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Little Robots Ad

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Stripy Robot toy, made by Lego from the TV series ‘Little Robots’.

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Ten More Pirates. Digital.

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Cover for ‘Bad Manners Benjie’, written by Lynne Garner, published by Piccadilly Press. Digital.

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Cover of The Elves and the Shoemaker, published by Oxford University Press. Digital.

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