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Gillian's portfolio website is

Her publishing site is

Her agent is Curtis Brown

Featured Illustrator:

Gillian McClure

Quick fire questions

When is your most productive time to work? 

I’m a morning person with the help of a cup of black coffee.
Drawing item you can’t live without? 

Pans of artist watercolour you can buy in neatly wrapped bundles.
What music puts you in your groove? 

I work to Radio Three where the voices of the presenters don’t intrude too much.
Age of child you most love to draw?  

Skinny little three- year- olds with large heads and wise expressions.
If you were an animal, what would you be? 

I’m always inserting dogs into my books so I think, a dog.
Favourite, yes only one, children’s book of all time? 

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson with Dulac’s illustrations, it enthralled and terrified me as a child.
Illustrator, author from any time you most admire? 

I love Lisbeth Zwerger’s early work.

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