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I HEREBY AGREE THAT by joining the SCBWI Showcase, I will be part a database of authors, illustrators and storyteller SCBWI members whose profile will be displayed on the SCBWI Showcase website accessible to the public. I am therefore willing to be contacted for events such as school visits, workshops, storytelling events, festivals and interviews. I can specify on my page the events and age groups for which I would like to be considered and list my books.  


SCBWI Membership

  1. I understand that The SCBWI Showcase is intended for SCBWI British Isles members only. Should my membership lapse, SCBWI reserves the right to remove my content without notice.


  1. I am responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the SCBWI Showcase entry information provided. SCBWI reserves the right to remove any elements that are libellous, breach the SCBWI anti-harassment policy and copyright laws or contain false advertising. SCBWI reserves the right to delete my showcase entry in the event of misuse.

Your Showcase Entry

  1. I understand that SCBWI will signpost traditionally published, self-published and pre-published members for the benefit of our audience such as librarians, teachers and organisations looking for speakers. And SCBWI reserves the right to seek references and evidence to validate award nominations, shortlisting and prizes where such claims are made by members.

  2. I also understand that SCBWI does not take responsibility for any claims arising out of content provided in member pages. I must take responsibility to ensure I have right to use and propagate all media – videos, photos, book covers etc and external links. Where applicable, I’ll credit the owner / artist appropriately. I understand that any media / link that is found unsuitable or becomes the subject of complaint from users and other members will be removed and SCBWI reserves the right to suspend any listing in the event of misuse.

How it Works and Contacting You

  1. SCBWI will promote this site for the benefit of its members to connect them with schools, librarians, booksellers and literary bodies. However, I understand that interested visitors to the showcase website will contact me directly. I am responsible for vetting any requests for events and making all associated arrangements with a third party and SCBWI is not liable for any difficulties or losses arising from such bookings.


  1. I’m responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the SCBWI Showcase entry information when it is first submittedand adhering to all call-outs and deadlines in order to update my entry. I understand that SCBWI does not take responsibility for any omissions or corrections supplied ad-hoc at any point in time.

Data Protection

  1. By sending in my content for the SCBWI showcase, I agree to SCBWI posting it up on the Showcase until further notice. I understand that I can request a deletion of my data at any time. SCBWI will endeavour to action your request within 14 working days of receipt.


  1. I agree to indemnify SCBWI against all demands, losses, costs and claims resulting from any service provided by me as a result of my SCBWI Showcase entry on this site (including libel, infringement of copyright and offences under the Data Protection Act). 

  2. These terms of use and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them or their subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.

SCBWI has a zero-tolerance policy against harassment of any kind. Any violation of this policy is actionable. Read the full policy here.


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