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Amber Hsu


Quick fire questions

What  fuels your day?  These days it seems to be worrying fear or anxiety over upcoming deadlines.

Favorite colour?  ? BLACK to wear, BLUE to think.

Inspiration or muse?   Secret voices. Random thoughts.  Found objects. Overheard conversations. Scientific discovery.

How old is your inner child? About 6 years old. But I think I was a bit odd for a 6 year old.

Tell us one thing you love about your workspace.   I have the most beautiful books, zines, comics, vintage ephemera. They are everywhere. I am lost in them and it’s a total clutter, but I love them and could never live without them.

Favourite subject to draw?   Rabbits and outer space. The night sky.

Favourite book?  A childhood favourite was The King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry. It's an illustrated novel about a mute orphan who cares for an orphaned colt that eventually becomes the forefather of all thoroughbred horses.

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